What-To-Wear : Oksana Melentyeva : editor of Trill Music Digest


25, linguist and interpreter

“I find inspiration in everything that surrounds me but I don’t read any fashion magazines or blogs. I either like something or not. I’m very captions and very few things can change my opinion. That is actually the reason why I like to shop alone: I can spend hours on trying to thing something ‘mine’ but as soon as I get this feeling — I immediately but this thing”
“I hate the monotony of life so, while shopping I look for something that I lack or don’t have enough in my wardrobe. At the same time I try to think how I can combine a new dress to the things that I’ve already had. If I like the style, color and can imagine the perfect outfit — I buy it. It doesn’t mean that I have a rainbow in my wardrobe — I just notice some interesting shades and colors, and if I don’t feel like trying something new — I stick to my all time favorite colors which are as lilac, beige and wine red”
“I absolutely hate huge shopping centers with all those crazy crowds of people dashing to and fro and enormous queues. Online shopping is a real godsend for me as being a picky customer I’m ready to burn to the ground the majority of clothing in the malls! I’ve tried a couple of different small web-sites, but completely fell in love with asos.com — it’s so easy and fast, and what it’s important — of good quality. The size tables are so accurate that I’ve never had any problems and everything what I ordered fit me perfectly. The site has a great variety of dresses for which I’m as a girl, have a soft corner (and for earrings as well actually). In fact, my favorite brand is ASOS itself. And Jovonista. If I ever adapt myself to buying footwear as well as the clothes — all my dreams will come true. We have a little problem with shoes here in Moscow. Every shopping for winter boots, because the previous pair barely survived the last season, is a torture. When it comes to trousers I go to Zara or Bershka”
“I could be proud of a piece of clothing that I did myself. The only thing that I’ve ever made when I was still at school is a nightgown which looks like a shapeless long pillowcase with some holes for hands. Great achievement. Though now I can single out two awesome sundresses and a jacket with embroidery — these things got lots of compliments from strangers in the street. Someone can simply approach me and say something like ‘Cool jacket!’ and walk away. I’ve even got 3 stars already!(laughing) Still my favorite thing is a simple pink t-shirt with a handmade print ‘Dance Like Thom Yorke’ and a black hat a-la ‘Lotus Flower’ underneath (though some people say that it’s more like Exupery’s elephant and the boa)”
“If I could travel in time according to my fashion taste, I’d choose the Russian Empire in the 19th century. As an example try to remember the new version of Anna Karenina by Joe Wright — I adore such kind of dresses and fur coats”
“Right now I can describe my life in 2 words: “following the dream”
“I’d like some day to associate my style with: ‘Oh, my god! It’s Digital Lion by James Black!’ or Overgrown for a choice”