What-To-Wear : Christmas Make Up & Looks

Christmas party looks
So you’ve found a perfect dress for your Christmas party, you know where you’re bound to have fun that night, all presents are bought… What about your make-up? Such a trifle might turn into a difficult task. Are you desperate to shock everyone or simply wish to highlight your beauty? Are you a rocker or a shy? Our beauty-editor and amazingly talented make-up artist Natalia Gorbacheva together with her beautiful victims offers you three Christmas looks to be an absolute Number One wherever you go on the Christmas night.

I’m very thankful to alcohol, Christmas trees and badly hidden candies! Thank you for sticking up for me all this time!
Christmas make up #1
Coco Chanel once said: I only drink champagne on two occasions: when I’m in love and when I’m not. What a coincidence! I even have the eyeshadow of the same color, so I’m going to enjoy both of them and make myself a Merry Little Christmas. This is a great makeup if you (no, not just drunk) want to emphasize your beauty without putting on too much color and effort and still look flawless and festive. There is no need to apply such a bright lipstick as we did; I just wanted to keep this look to be bright but still simple and easy to do.
Dark Christmas
Red lips
Dark Christmas make up
Beautiful girl
Beautiful look

MAKE UP #1: How To

First, apply some eye primer or a white pencil and blend it all out, as we want the eyeshadows to look bright and stay all night. Wow, I started to write in verse, Christmas is a truly inspirational time. Then I used eyeshadows from NYX Caviar&Bubbles choosing the lightest golden shadow and applying it all over the lid.

To emphasize the crease and open up your eyes choose the eyeshadow/powder/bronzer...something a tone darker than your natural skin tone. Take a thin flat brush and a black liquid/gel liner and simply “push” the product into your upper lashes. We are not drawing a line or a flick, we just want to cover all the empty space between the lashes and make them look thicker. If you accidentally smudged the liner, take a thicker, but not a fluffy brush, and gently soften the edges with the dark brown color from the same palette or the color of your preference. I, then, applied some highlighter in the tear duct area and under the brow.

For the lips I chose L.A.Girl and the intense warm red lipstick which you can also use as a cream blush, but don’t forget to set it with the powder! And one more thing, this is a universal makeup, it suits all eye shades, so feel free to vary the intensity of the look from neutral to the evening one by choosing a lighter or a darken golden shadow.
Christmas look #2
Everyone who is a fan of clubs and noisy parties should go on some razzle-dazzle! Usually we do the makeup according to the dress that we want to wear, but we’ve done it before, haven’t we? Why don’t we “fit” the makeup to... the Christmas tree! Our tree was quite traditional: green and red. So, I chose the same eyeshadows from ICING Everything You Need Makeup Palette and NYX 112 Box of Eyeshadow. Plus, you can draw even more attention to your-gorgeous-self by applying any gold shimmer. Has anyone of you ever tried to match the dress to your Christmas tree which also turns out to be the exact copy of your makeup? Well, you should definitely try, as Christmas is the best time for everything new and extraordinary.
Party for Christmas
Eyeshadows Christmas
Beautiful christmas girl
Make for a Christmas party

MAKE UP #2 : How To

Again, we will need an eye primer or a black pencil all over the lid, for the burgundy shadow I mixed NYX and ICING. We apply it on the lid leaving the centre clear as it’s the place where we later apply the intense green eyeshadow. To soften the edges with a soft big blending brush I used a NYX dark bronzer and winged out the shadow a little, to achieve the cat eye. Underneath the eye I applied some dark bronze eyeshadow with a little bit of golden sparkle, again from the ICING palette. You can also add some highlighter in the corner of the eye, and as for the lipstick, I would stick to something neutral as we’ve already done quite a dramatic eye makeup.
Christmas look #3
The last but not the least. This is where the things got a little crazy but I just wanted to show my respect for everyone who is fighting with healthy diets, promising to improve eating habits and finally wear “that god-damn-it dress”!
Plate and make up
Candy lips
Candy lips for Christmas
Christmas candy look
Sweet candy lips

MAKE UP #3 : How To

All the shades are matte and from ICING palette. This a pure fantasy, there are no rules, so basically you can do whatever you like.

For the lid we’re going to need a primer/white pencil and a soft-sky-blue shadow. I blended out the pink eyeshadow up to the brows and you can actually go higher to make your eyes even bigger and brighter. This is going to be a huge candy-makeup, so feel free to experiment. In the crease I put a light violet shadow and softly winged it out, creating the cat eye. Underneath we have a light yellow with some sparkly highlighting eyeshadow. Make sure that everything is soft and blended as we’re trying to achieve this doll-candy-fairy look. Try to watch WinX or Monster High, you’ll get what I mean. It could be awesome if you manage to find any colorful mascara, I just took a usual eye pencil and ...burned it with a lighter and then used a spooly as you would use your typical mascara.

Now comes the tricky part... LIPS. I have to be honest; this thing will not stay forever unless you literally glue it to your lips and get yourself poisoned. For a short time fun you can take the stickiest lipgloss that you have or...apply some honey all over your lips. Then pour any sprinkles that you have on a small plate, your lips should be covered with some “glue” already, and...I mean it, kiss the plate. Sprinkles will “glue” to your lips and if some parts are missing take tweezers and put everything into place. Now, apply some cute, pink, neutral nail polish and pose for the cameras! You’re absolutely candylicious!
Red lips, black dress
Party girl
Candy lips girl