What-To-Wear: Kseniya At

Ksenia, 18

Student at the faculty of journalism, musician

— I don’t have a ‘style’ itself. I’ve made quite a funny wardrobe with a heap of clothes there, so when I’m up to go somewhere, I just pick up the first thing I see, the more so as everything is of black and pale neutral colours. And since the wardrobe is in the hollow part of the room, I can’t usually see what I’m picking out, that’s why all my daily outfits are pure chance.
— I’m probably inspired by my Father — Genesis P-Orridge. Daddy is my living example of classic style and I often pinch some of his sweaters to get lost in or blazers looking like coats on me. Genesis inspires me not only by his style: he’s an example of free self-expression and wisdom.
— I prefer indiscernible colours: black, khaki and gray.
— I can’t distinguish brands I could call my favourite as I don’t follow fashion trends and don’t like the market that’s swallowed up our world. I try to avoid malls with their likely intrusion of products. It’s much more interesting to find something in your dad’s wardrobe or at the bazaar. Or on ebay, as a last resort.
— There are a couple of things in my wardrobe I could put above others. For instance, a very old Alpha Industries parka, which was made years ago. My mother once bartered it from an American woman, and as the latter said, it once belonged to a pilot. My Dior blazer is of great importance for me. For this blazer I bought splendid golden buttons with Saint George piercing the Dragon. And also an emerald green blazer which was flogged to me as the one in which Madonna wrote ‘Like A Virgin’. It has a lovely cut.
— If I could travel to any epoch in the world’s history, it would be the reign of the Ming Dynasty. I’m just writing a few songs about it at the moment. The Dynasty’s history is absolutely unique: an alloy of odd tyranny, isolation of some lands and, at the same time, the key events in the history of China.
— I associate my style with such songs of Coil as ‘The Remote Viewer’ or ‘The First Five Minutes After Death’.

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