What-To-Wear: Yaroslava Kiryukhina

Yaroslava, 25
Multimedia producer

 My main style inspirations are ballet (it is reflected in flying and flowing fabric I prefer), by art nouveau treands, by hippie philosophy and the beauty of nature (I love floral patterns on clothes). I like to mix things incompatible at first sight.
Top UK Style

Skirt Tsvetnoy Central Market, shoes Massimo Dutti
 Harmonic mix in clothes is of great importance for me. It's like creating the composition of a painting. One rough brush stroke and all the picture is spoiled.

Top Massimo Dutti, brooch Tatiana Moreeva
My main weaknesses include beautiful brooches and elegant details in clothes, from interesting blazer linings to embroidery on felt boots.

 I like natural colours and especially their interesting combinations. Blue, turquoise and peach are among the most loved, they energize me, while such basic colours as black and white create neutral mood. 
Coat Rue du Mail
When I saw this coat in a shop located in the depths of narrow Paris streets, I fell in love with its mix of French chic and futurism. It reminds me of an alien's suit due to the pattern on the sleeves and shoulders, its fanciful silhouette and slight gleamy black colour. This item lives its own life in a wardrobe, trying to force out its hanger neighbours.  

I'd like to find myself in the epoch between the 19's and 20's to see the rise of cinematography with my own eyes, to witness the fluorescence of the art nouveau style, to see Diaghilev's 'Russian Seasons' and to feel the pre-war atmosphere in Europe.

Bag Furla, pants ZARA
I adore such British and Japanese designers as Tsumori Chisato and Eley Kishimoto. You can find absolutely divine blazers at Vanessa Bruno's and jeans of the same kind in Diesel. In Moscow, the most interesting clothes are sold in UK Style, Traffic, Mood Swings Apartment Store, TSUM Cental Market and in some showrooms.
Blouse vintage
Another thing I'm passionate about is my grandmother's blouse. When I put it on, I dip into the atmosphere of the 70's, when this item was given birth. I have chanced upon it in my grandmother's depthless wardrobe during my spring visit to Bulgaria where she lives. This blouse is of ideal fit. It differs fron other clothes by the fabric it's made of, which has its own, unique, soft texture. 

Photography by Anastasia Drozhzhina


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