Where-To-Go: Seasons Christmas Fair

Christmas fairs have become traditional in most European countries. People visit them not only to buy presents for the dearest but to bring the Christmas spirit to their lives. If you want to take mind off your routine, New Year preparations and other rushing and worrying things, we advise you to visit the Christmas fair set by the well-known Seasons Project every late December. Despite the fair came to the coldest days of the month, we couldn’t have missed this wonderful event that took place in the Moscow Hermitage garden.

Main entrance
Happy Station
It was really freezing outside! -20°C made the people standing in line dance. Nonetheless, the fact that there was actually this ‘line’ proves that many people wanted to feel the joys of the Christmas atmosphere. Having passed the beautiful decorated arch at the entrance we found ourselves on the territory of the fair organized by Seasons Project. It wasn’t large enough but still nearly every square meter played its own role in the whole event.
Christmas ornaments
Truly russian Gzel
The cave
German arch
All the activities were held in small tents located all around the fair, tempting and attracting their customers and visitors. Welcoming salesmen greet you with warm smiles despite the awful frost outside, willing to tell you everything about their products, offering you to taste, try on and choose something.
Pretty things
For sleepers
Train your brain!
The Seasons Christmas fair is suitable for buying Christmas and New Year presents, but the prices are not low, though. Nevertheless all this is made up by a great variety of different trinkets and other small things which you can get for your friends and family. For instance, you can cheer them up by gifting them handmade knitted socks of various colours or cozy Christmas tree toys made by craftsmen with great care. You might also prefer to buy more practical and applicable things like an English-styled notebook or a nice passport cover. And you surely won’t miss the colourful jars full of sweets and caramel sticks!
Passport covers and cute bags
Wooden toys
Christmas tree!
Apart from shopping every visitor could take part in various workshops held on the territory of the fair. Who Are They magazine chanced to get into a small house of the micro-town ‘In the Forest’ (V Lesu – in Russian), where we were greeted by warm smiles, electric fire and an offer to make wooden Christmas tree toys by ourselves. We took wooden patterns, markers, tubes with glitter and coloured ribbons and got down to business! It resulted in 3 unique handmade Christmas tree toys that have already become part of our home décor.
Handmade binding
Just happiness
Woollen socks
Christmas balls
Children's fun
Russian cold winters leave no chance of missing some hot food and a glass of gluehwein spilling the sweet feeling of Christmas joy and warmth down your body. The fair organizers foresaw this too and located some tents where you could taste and buy all the things mentioned above.
No easy trade
Making some toys
"I've achieved eveything myself as usual" (c) a boy
When it got darker and the entire garden was covered by the night, the fair turned into a small fairytale. Christmas lights lighted up the tents, Bengal fires began to shine in the hands of small groups of people, and the stars (real stars!) lit up the ground. We cannot mention activities for children with colourful ice slides and fights with pasteboard swords and armor among them. With all this, the fair turned into a big festive event.
It's getting dark
Paper garden
Ice-run time!
With such fairs as the one set up by Seasons Project we get the chance of participating in Western Christmas and New Year celebrations. They can be characterized by 3 simple words: minimalism, coziness and joy. Christmas fairs don’t imply shopping only – first of all, it is the lively unity of people having a chance to communicate, to feel the joys of forthcoming holidays and to bring happiness to the lives of those they love.
Lights of our hearts

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