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While the autumn rain hits the rooftops and people skip over puddles in their gumboots and macintoshes, it’s time to listen to some very good music. Not only we’re going to review the record we liked – we will lead you into the world of mysterious, attractive, original and just beautiful electronic music. How? Very easily: the creators of this very music have agreed to give us an interview.
Today we will tell you about electronica maestros from Sheffield, UK  the band “I Monster”. If you still don’t know who they are, you can hardly be called an expert not only in electronic but in British music in general. Their timeless hits “Daydream In Blue”, “Heaven”, “Who Is She?” and “Hey Mrs.” can often be heard in different ads worldwide. The band’s melodies get stuck in your head and never let go. Their music is an enticing combination of the past and the present, the mix of mild crackling of an old record with acid electronic and even psychedelic sounds of synthesizers and mellotrones.
For more than 15 years of their existence, “I Monster” have released 3 albums, each being a new spin in their music career, a new step towards their listener. This year the band will show us the result of their hard work  the fresh new record, peculiar and different from previous ones. 
Below, the men behind the monster masks  Dean Honer and Jarrod Gosling  are speaking about the band history, pros and cons of music business and their forthcoming album. 
I Monster cover who are they magazine interview
— How and when did you get to know each other?
Jarrod: We first met in about 1992, in the record department of Sheffield Central Library. A mutual friend introduced us.

— Does the name “I Monster” reflect your music or your personalities?
Jarrod: Yes and no. We were looking for an alternate name to our old name and listed some old horror films. 'I, Monster' from 1970 came up and we stuck with it. We dropped the "," for artistic purposes and we get very angry when people write our name as "iMonster"! "Eye Monster", although quite humorous, is also unacceptable. We are fans of horror films, particularly British ones from the 1950s to 1970s. We like filmic storytelling lyrics about odd things, but we're not a horror band, whatever that is.
Dean: Both I think. I Monster is the name of a British horror film from 1971. We are both big fans of Hammer and Amicus films. It’s a reworking of the Jekyll and Hyde story. Like Jekyll and Hyde our music initially combined seemingly disparate elements, old samples with modern electronic sounds. Also Jarrod and I have quite different musical backgrounds. Jarrod is a big fan of progressive rock and heavy rock music while I’m from more of an electronic and punk angle. Although there is still a lot of music which we both love.
I Monster horse
— Did success influence or somehow change you?
Jarrod: I suppose it's made me come to the decision to just make music that's important to me. I thank the little f****r for that!
Dean: It allowed us the freedom to make music full time. But it has its up sides and down sides. Because our first single Daydream In Blue did really well, we were expected by the record label to instantly produce another “hit”, this was something that proved to be difficult! We are probably more at home making more experimental kinds of music rather than pop music.

— What inspires you to create such music?
Jarrod: As mentioned - films, history, sci-fi stories, weird stories, anything that's a little odd or different. You won't be getting a song from us with a title like 'When Love Hurts', unless it's about a perverted couple who do it wrapped in barbed wire.
Dean: Making  something interesting to listen too. Something anti X Factor, anti – formula.
I Monster flies
— When writing a track, is it music or lyrics you give priority to? You know, many songwriters have their own ways of creating songs: some write the lyrics first, draw much attention to words, others write a tune and then fill it with words. What about you?
Jarrod: For me it's music reallly - I don't get too into lyric writing. it's the less interesting part of a song for me. However, we still try to have interesting lyrics.
Dean: It can work either way. It doesn’t really matter. I wouldn’t say we were typical singer songwriters.

— What's your opinion: why do people listen to I Monster? What attracts them most of all?
Jarrod: I couldn't tell you. 
Dean: I think people appreciate something that has been made with imagination and that strives to be different.
I Monster мухи собака машина
— Is there a song of yours (speaking of I Monster, not solo projects) you are very proud of?
Jarrod: I like 'A Sucker For Your Sound' as a pop song.
Dean: Isnt pride a sin? If not, then hearing The Blue Wrath playing on the film Shaun of the Dead was a very good feeling.

— Name us the most pleasant and the most unpleasant moment in your music career.
Jarrod: Pleasant - Purchasing a Mellotron. Unpleasant - Trying to get the Mellotron upstairs.
Dean: Most unpleasant – dealing with the “music business” which has nothing to do with making music.  Computers crashing on stage. Most pleasant – meeting and recording with like minded artists and musicians.  Hearing our music on radio and TV.
I Monster artwork01
— Do you often give live performances?
Jarrod: No. We did a few tours in France/Belgium/Switzerland a few years back.
Dean: Not too many lately. But open to offers!

— Have you been into music since childhood? Did you always want to become musicians?  It would be very interesting to find out how it all began for you.
Jarrod: Yes, I've always loved music. I didn't want to be a musician as a child. At that time I wanted to be shrunk to the size of my Action Man toy (GI Joe) and have adventures in the garden. I wanted to be a musician when I was a teenager. My first experience as a musician, was playing in a heavy rock band with my school friends. We were called Candy Paige.
Dean: I was influenced by the records of my older brother and sister. Stuff like Bowie, Bolan, Roxy Music… Then as a teenager I went through various phases — disco, punk, Two Tone Ska and electronic music.
I Monster artwork02
— What are your hobbies? Are there things that interest you more than music?
Jarrod: I love going out into the countryside. I love doing artwork.
Dean: I like a bit of astronomy and science. I like watching my kids play football on Sundays. Far more exciting than most music!

— What can you tell us about your forthcoming album? What should your fans expect to hear on the new record? We know you love to make surprises!
Jarrod: All I can say is the new album, which is nearly complete, will be quite different to anything we've done before, but we believe will be very satisfying.
Dean: Its a spoken word album of dark childrens stories accompanied by an illustrated book.
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